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North Melbourne Football Club facts for kids

The North Melbourne Football Club, nicknamed the Kangaroos or less formally the Roos, the Kangas or North, is the fourth oldest Australian rules football club in the Australian Football League (AFL) and is one of the oldest sporting clubs in Australia and the world. It is based at the Arden Street Oval in the inner Melbourne suburb of North Melbourne, Victoria, but plays its home matches at the nearby Docklands Stadium.
The club's mascot is a grey kangaroo, and its use dates from the middle of the 20th century. The club is also unofficially known as "The Shinboners", a term which dates back to its 19th-century abattoir-worker origins. The club's motto is Victoria amat curam, Latin for "Victory Demands Dedication".
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SpongeBob SquarePants • Nickelodeon • LGBT • Gay pride

Absorbent and yellow and porous is he… and gay?
A Pride Month tweet from the official Nickelodeon Twitter account has the internet believing Spongebob Squarepants is not just a happy guy.
“Celebrating #Pride with the LGBTQ community and their allies this month and every month,” the kids network tweeted out Saturday afternoon, along with rainbow-embossed art of the beloved sea sponge, along with Korra from “The Legend of Korra,” who is bisexual, and the transgender actor Michael D. Cohen from “Henry Danger.”
Fans of the nautical cartoon, which began airing in 1999, have long-suspected Spongebob to be gay. In one 2002 episode called “Rock-a-Bye Bivalve,” Spongebob and his best friend Patrick parent an abandoned scallop like a married couple.
The internet quickly embraced the newly-out character.
“Oh, queer icon Spongebob Squarepants? Yes, we stan!!!!!,” wrote @KalhanR.

“Spongebob gay? I mean he literally had a baby with Patrick,” said @hoe_vid_19. 
However, creator Stephen Hillenburg, who died from ALS in 2018, had maintained that Spongebob was a member of the LGBTQ+ community by being asexual, not gay.
“We never intended them to be gay. I consider them to be almost asexual. We’re just trying to be funny and this has got nothing to do with the show,” he said in 2005, according to People.


The Nature Cure Is Good For Your Health

Why are some doctors prescribing for the time being nature care?
For the first time, J. Phoenix Smith told me that mud has healing properties that can help prevent depression. I nodded slowly.

Smith is an acupuncturist, a nature-based exercise practitioner who aims to address both mental and physical health. This means that she recommends some treatment that, as a medical doctor, encourages me to be more skeptical than quiet: listen to the bird song in your headphones if necessary. Start a garden, and think of life-changing metaphors for seed growth. Find a place in a park and sit for 20 minutes each week, checking weekly and seasonal changes in the journal without checking your phone.

Acupuncture is a new profession, still dominated by things like "practice standards" and "license requirements". This may mean regular outdoor sessions with therapists or simple exercises performed on their own, and this approach to public health may be part of a general approach or treatment of a medical condition. (It is not intended as a substitute for standard evidence-based treatment.)

Smith almost lost me about not checking your phone. But I couldn't get it out of my hand.and it's all about nature care. Believing that she is doing something good for the people. In addition, she has a background in public health: she worked in HIV prevention for 20 years in 2010, until she quit her job.

After Smith lost his job, the pointlessness led to stress, which led to depression. But she was relieved by the long hikes in the hills of Northern California, and volunteered in the East Auckland Gardens. "I remember walking in the garden, and I felt better right away," he told me. "I just saw wealth and  nature care soil abundance. There was food growing, and flowers. It really helped change my thinking.

Smith became so convinced of the healing powers of nature that he decided to start a consulting firm, Ecosol, predicting that "bringing your medicine is to respect your ancestors, your soul and your land." " The following year, she was part of the first class to graduate with an acupuncture certificate from John F. Kennedy University in Pleasant Hill, California.

Acupuncture training programs are flourishing across the country, but the program that Smith attended was initiated by Craig Chalaxt, chair of the East West Psychology Department at the California Institute of Integral Studies. When I tracked him down he shared some familiar advice: "If you hold on to moist soil for 20 minutes," he told me, "soil germs start to raise your spirits." You need all the anti-pressure in the soil.

What was it with these guys and shit? Smith and Chalkwist were citing a study published in Neuroscience, a prestigious journal, which found that soil bacteria called Mycobacterium wakie increase serotonin in rat brains, such as Like Prozac and similar medicines. Applying this initial finding to humans is a long way to go. Ask your doctor before replacing your psychiatric medication with dirt.

But other research, which has actually been done with humans, supports the idea that spending time in nature makes people healthier. Children with ADHD have milder symptoms than those who regularly play in parks who spend more time indoors, for example, and treatment camping programs have seen a reduction in the rate of addiction. Is. Such results are generally more related to mood and behavior than to basic biology - but mood and behavior are more closely related to physical fitness. For example, social interaction is one of the most important factors in human health. And sectarian green spots promote it.

The notion that nature's exposure is important to human health is returning, as well as predicting concerns about iPad addiction through some generations. In the 1862 issue of the Atlantic, Henry David Thoreau praised the exuberant virtues of walking in nature: "Imagine the health of man when his springs were not bursting at the seams of distant pastures. ! Swaying for her health! " In this magazine, next year, when tuberculosis was thought to account for one-third of all deaths in the "civilized world," one physician wrote, "there is no doubt that their homes were destroyed." And thousands of lives will be saved. Let them sleep in the open air.
I was disappointed that none of the acupuncturists interviewed me to destroy the houses. But some simple principles behind ecotherapy are also gaining acceptance in mainstream medicine. And when nature therapy is recommended by a doctor, it is overweight.

In his office in Washington, D.C., pediatrician Robert Tsar writes prescriptions for parks. He has pulled out a prescription pad and scribbles instructions. What day, how many days and for how many days should the obese or diabetic or anxious or depressed patient go? It's as if he's prescribing medicine.

The Czar says that instead of repeating vague advice, it is important to give solid advice (exercise more! Get out!) Which you are used to listening to. He told me, "If you come to me with bacterial pneumonia, I will not say, 'You go to a pharmacy, choose an antibiotic, take it as many days as you like, for example, with food or Without it, and I'll see you in a month, dude. ”He doesn't have to tell patients what to do in the park, however.

The Czar is part of a small but growing group of healthcare professionals who are primarily conducting medical examinations. It relies on a collection of 382 local parks. Which produces signature, safety and facilities based on the verification and classification of green spots. She helped create the DC Park Arcs for a community health initiative. The Washington program was one of the first in the United States. There are at least 150 others now.

Park prescriptions are a low-risk, low-cost intervention that, in the Czar's experience, is quick to accept people. And of course, people are more likely to go for a walk in a park while watching TV, but there can be more. Researchers in the UK have found that people experience less anger, fatigue and depression when they engage in physical activity in natural settings rather than in an "artificial environment". A 2015 study by the National Academy of Sciences' Proceedings found that walking in a park reduced blood flow to the part of the brain that researchers claim is most commonly associated with brooding. And in one of the most popular studies on the subject, patients recovering from gallbladder surgery are healing faster and with less complications when looking at trees instead of walls in their room.

Why would natural sites be more healing than a built environment? "We can't fully understand the difference," Richard Lowe told me. Lowe is a journalist whose 2005 book, List of Children in the Woods, has been widely praised as a catalyst for an exhibition movement from modern American nature. He pointed to the research which said that people feel attracted and rejuvenated when they see pictures of nature, especially savanna. According to an effective article on healthcare facility design, rehabilitation, slow-moving water, plants, and "birds or other disturbing wildlife".
Roger S. Alrich, there is no article nature's care dispensary is subject that we can research about, it has an effect in terms of evolution: the activation of the emotional response to the natural environment is the observation of nature by human beings. It was once important for survival. Eo Wilson's controversial theory of biophilia is based on the fact that "we are genetically" related to other types of life "when we are troubled by them. We eliminate the" natural deficit disorder ". (It affects everything, but it diagnoses psychiatric illness in a very small way, but it does not have psychiatric illness. A social condition statement.)

The answer is also to amaze nature. At a conference in UC Berkeley in February, scientists gathered on Friday to discuss the latest research on health-related benefits, including a reduction in the levels of a conflict hormone, conflict. ۔ Speak specifically to J. Phoenix Smith. In my conversation with him and Chalakst, both were cautious in the presence of evidence-based arguments. But there is also interest in the soil bacteria beneath it, but more than a non-mouse study. Some spiritual.

"Taking advantage of the eco-therapy coat is my kind of endeavor that makes it different, perhaps taking advantage of the fact that the nature of mining is restless," Chaxt explained. "He tells students that he wants to experiment to get to know himself better, but he needs help protecting it."

In fact, I did not echo it, at most I found one of the arguments. If the process is being run by people doing garden volunteering (by Smith) or taking care of the birds, then he is starting a club or is stuck in the redwoods, side by side, side by side. Feelings Feelings Feelings Feelings Feelings Feelings Feelings Feelings Feelings are documents that promote the legal improvement of health. Social networking. But it also makes it clear that all the unconventional therapies (Equine, Acroyoga, Glass Light) are taking advantage of the lack of biological mechanisms. And even if you expect to "not come back", you have to talk to the doctors in a park about the timing, which means they don't need it. Conducting mud is optional housing.


How to download facebook videos without software

  1. How To Download Facebook Videos Without Software

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How to download youtube video mp4 full hd

   How to download youtube video mp4 full hd

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The top 5 best Mother's Day gifts for Mom:

47 thoughtful gifts to send your mom if you're spending Mother's Day apart this year — for every budget

mother's day

All of the plants from Mother's Day collection are available for nationwide. The Sill recommends that orders are placed by May 3 for delivery by May 10. The Sill
If you haven't found the perfect Mother's Day gift for mom yet, we rounded up dozens of thoughtful and unique gift ideas to inspire you. 
Whether you're looking for something budget-friendly (under $25, under $50, or under $100), personalized, or techy, this list of gifts for Mom has you covered. 
Many families will likely be spending Mother's Day apart this year. Nothing takes the place of time spent together, but if you're looking to send a gift to Mom in lieu of a visit, I hope this list helps you find exactly what you're looking for.

As a professional product reviewer and as someone who's given her mom many of the gifts included in the list over the years, I can safely say your mom will love them all. Whether she's into the latest and greatest tech, loves to cook and bake, is looking for a new hobby to pass the time at home, or wants to update her work-from-home wardrobe with comfortable loungewear, there's something for her in here. 

The top 5 best Mother's Day gifts for Mom:
A beautiful flower bouquet from The Bouqs Co. or UrbanStems
An Amazon Kindle so she can read anywhere
A bundle of soft, crisp sheets and bedding from Brooklinen 
A sweet treat from Milk Bar
A gift subscription to Disney+

rooklinen Queen Classic Hardcore Sheet Bundle, from $189, available at Brooklinen
Brooklinen Queen Luxe Hardcore Sheet Bundle, $219, available at Brooklinen
Brooklinen's luxe sheets are the ones I always recommend to friends, family, and readers who email me, for their affordable price, sophisticated look, and comfort.

The Hardcore Sheet Bundles have everything she needs to completely makeover her bed — and stay nice and cozy all year long. Each bundle includes a flat sheet, fitted sheet, duvet cover, and four pillowcases. Brooklinen also sells comforters, pillows, candles, and blankets. 

Right now through May 6, Brooklinen's anniversary sale is going on and you can save 20% on your purchase.

A fancy candle set
otherland mother's day candle
Otherland Candles The Threesome, $89, available at Otherland
Candles make any home smell great, and this fancy candle set from Otherland will look gorgeous in any room in her house. It includes three coconut and soy wax blend candles in beautiful glass vessels. Each candle burns for 55 hours — that's a lot of time that your mom can spend enjoying this gift.

A luxurious bathrobe
classic bathrobe cotton stone 000_1440x.progressive
Parachute Classic Bathrobe, $99, available at Parachute
A plush bathrobe will make every shower feel like a trip to the spa. Parachute's soft Turkish cotton robe comes in four great colors: white, mineral, blush, and stone (pictured). 

A Disney Plus gift subscription
Originals Disney Plus 4x3
Alyssa Powell/Business Insider
Disney Plus Gift Subscription, $69.99 for a year, available at Disney Plus
In addition to hundreds of classic Disney movies, old shows, and original programming, Disney Plus has tons of new content, including everyone's favorite "The Mandalorian." If Mom doesn't already have Disney Plus, now's the time to get it for her. Bonus points if you pair it with a Baby Yoda gift.

Here's everything to know about Disney Plus and about its gift subscription.

‘Saturday Night Live’ Sets Season Finale At Home Edition

NBC’s Saturday Night Live will wrap its 45th season a little earlier than usual, due to the coronavirus pandemic. The sketch comedy program will air its third “At Home” original this Saturday, May 9, which will serve as the season finale. (Last year’s season finale was on May 18). There will be no host or musical guest this week.

SNL‘s last fully live, regular original episode was on March 7, with host Daniel Craig and musical guest the Weeknd, just before New York’s pandemic shutdown. After that, the show’s planned spring hiatus was extended.

The NBC staple returned to originals with Saturday Night Live at Home on April 11, featuring new material, mostly pre-taped and produced remotely by SNL cast and crew, as well as a special host appearance by Tom Hanks and a musical performance by Chris Martin.

The second SNL at Home show aired April 25 with Brad Pitt as Anthony Fauci and Miley Cyrus as musical guest.

Check out the promo for this week’s finale above, featuring bloopers and outtakes from SNL cast members’ homebound skits.

Facebook Live or Instagram Live Which is better for your brand

Facebook Live or Instagram Live — Which one is better for your brand?

Instagram may be owned by Facebook, but it does not mean all of their products are exactly the same. Instagram Live is not a copycat of Facebook Live, and for good reason. The two channels may share the same ad network, but they have different uses and behaviors by both consumers, and in turn, brands. In the same vein, features must fit for the users of the channel, not what the channel wants out of it (usually).

Let’s start with what is similar: Both Instagram and Facebook have “In app” live shooting – taking out the folks who want to use a pro camera to shoot live. It’s meant to be raw, and broadcast format – not something you can prep in advance like Snapchat or Instagram stories.

In addition, they both have the opportunity for live engagement by viewers for likes and comments during the live broadcast.

So what’s the difference? In short:

Your video is gone after 24 hours, and cannot be saved to your page or stream.
Max duration of the video is 1 hour.
Analytics are limited to include video viewer count only.

Your video can be saved to your page after the live session is over for those who missed it to watch later.
Max duration of the video is 1.5 hours.
Analytics include more extensive video metrics.

So why would you bother with Instagram?
It depends on your brand and where your audience is. If they are Instagram avid users, you want to be there. You want to reach them and share exclusive content with them. A cool part with Instagram Live is that it is shown in the discover section as a priority to your followers. It allows more people to engage with it while you’re live. And we as marketers all know that consumers love exclusive content. If it’s only available for 24 hours…they are going to find a way to tune in and watch it. Imagine being the only person Monday morning who hasn’t seen the Game of Thrones finale yet. Yikes!

If you’re a consumer brand, and have a brand that is visually exciting and has a story to tell on these platforms, try both. See which ones your viewers will engage with more, and are more likely to want more of.


A few ways to ensure you get proper engagement for the live streaming is the following:
Work with a partner or influencer to promote your live session. This allows your brand to gain more eyeballs, perhaps from viewers and audience members you may not have reached otherwise.
Use paid media to promote your upcoming live session to your target audience. Give them a taste of what they’ll get if they tune in, and why they shouldn’t chance missing it. Perhaps it’s something exclusive JUST for the folks who turn in during the actual live session (and not viewing after).
Promote across channels, not just on the channel you’ll be live on.
On Facebook you can boost your live session after the broadcast has completed. Views after the fact, will still add to your total engagement numbers, which is awesome.