Big change in the most important features of the instagram.

There is a huge change in the coordination that will change its style.
Facebook-based photography sharing is now being made a major change in which no number will be visible on the post.
The person who sees the social network network update, said in a user's comment, Jane Mainman Chang said.
An instagram post in the screen shot in the toilet is shown without light scans and it is a note that you can see the number of people in your posts.
In a screenshot, it is written that 'We want your followers to pay attention to your participation, how many letters do not you have on your messages, only those who will share the post with this publication. Watch '.
It is believed that integration of LIC feature integration in this feature has not completely completed bus posts poster.
In this context an instagram spokesperson said that we are looking for resources which reduce the pressure of Instagram users about which they are thinking all the time.
Earlier, Twitter CEO Jack Dorse also showed the desire to finish the light button.
He said that eliminating this feature will threaten pressure flow on consumers.

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