Facebook has introduced new features for the last time.

California (NNI) Social Networking Site, Facebook has said that they will solve the common and annoying problem of information received by their friends and relatives through artificial intelligence. They want to travel with a painful advice to celebrate whether to celebrate or call on congratulations. According to the Central Association, there will be a separate part of the tournament to tribute public profile, and their timeline is as it will be left. The FP Chief Operating Officer, Sherl Sandbber did not say that we hope Facebook should be a place where we continue to remember memories of our loved ones. Facebook users have expressed their concerns in the past when they are asked to contact someone dead. Facebook users can remember their profile, which applies to the remambling name or applies to it, and their friends can leave their posts on their facebook (Facebook According to the three million people do this every month). Once memorable, people get information about it. But the user whose profile is not yet memorized, they say that synthetic intelligence will try to prevent people from coming to the timeline using intelligence. Facebook has announced some changes to the dead people on their website. After memorizing their profile, people can be examined 'Heritage' of turbites written on them. It will be that these users of Facebook will be their users who will be given their profile to run a person's case. Sharel Sandbug added that this representative can moderate the section of his turbines after someone dies. Those people will be able to find and remove the tag, and it will also be able to read who can read and not write. Users under 18 years of age can not choose such representatives, but guard parents or minority parents' parents can request Facebook options.

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