Facebook Newsfeeds and Stores are ready to collect.

Last week, this news was told that Facebook Messenger is becoming part of its main app and now it has started testing the company feed and shops.
Yes, Facebook News Feed and Stores seem to be a shocking hybrid.

On the subsequent changes in various social media networks, including Facebook, a Software Consultant Engineer, Jane Min Cheng Wang, shot this Facebook screen shot.
In this event, he said that Facebook is testing a new look and is using news feed as a store in animated picture.
If Facebook works on this change, users will be able to see the news feed content by clicking the right feed instead of the feed-down screen above the left or left.
This photo also tells that the news feed and store content will be in the aspect aspect, and in this way, both will be closer to each other, and ads will find their place in that mixture.
This is a huge change in Facebook but is not surprising because Facebook is focusing on stores.

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