Google's Iranian envy, account of multiple channels.

Google has stopped TV and Spanish TV channels and GM's press TV channel.

Press TV says Google has shut down its official channels and all of its platforms including YouTube get unrecognized accounts.

When attempting to log into the TV account in its official account, this message can be found on the page that Google has closed the account and can not be restored because it violates Google policies. .

It is clear that last month, Facebook and Twitter have destroyed hundreds of media accounts and pensions in Iran, including other IRI services.

Press TV says its official YouTube channel is now available to the public, but it can not be made new.

Press TV's YouTube channel has not been closed for the first time, in 2013, the Open Open Channel was closed in 2013 before 2013.

The channel restarted again, which was closed two months later.

On the current channel, there were more than 2 million 70 sub categories, which were closed on 19 April 2019.

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