Hot set up ready to introduce new features soon.

The world's most popular messaging application is starting its new feature quickly, making it easier for the public.

The Wat app is the world's most popular messaging application, which has introduced many new features every year and the company has announced that new features should be introduced soon.

The company is currently experiencing multiple beta versions of the beta version when the account is not available on other hands, preventing audio files from going and its many other features are not available at this time.

In the next few months, many features are introduced in the Wites app.

1. To make the conversation more secure, safety in the Watts app will be enhanced, and users will be able to open the app only according to their setup. After applying this feature, it will be possible to open the app as a fingerprint.

2. One of the biggest changes in the Watson app shot shot and stopping screen is being counted. After this feature, the user will be prevented from taking a chat screen shot at the time when they apply the fingerprint validation option, this feature is currently available in the beta version.

3. One feature is also introduced on the Wat app, which can be found in which user group often sends messages when users also find that the message has been forwarded.
4. The Dark Mode beta version was seen in 2.19.87 but does not exist there, but the company has promised last year that it will soon introduce users.

5. Features of video facilities as soon as the Watts app is turned off. As a result, the feature of this feature will continue to play the video of YouTube, Facebook, InfoGram, and other sites, unless they will be able to exit the chat window without closing, but play the video in another app Will be

6. The Watts app is also working on the option that the user will decide whether a new message on chat box looks after adding an archive chat. When a new message arrives, it appears automatically on the main window

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