How is Email Hacking? Very easy information.

As human is progressing, damages others, and ways to benefit themselves are changing. You can say that despite the development, the style of theft has also changed. And today, this style of stolen looks like a special kind of war.
The First World War began in 1916 and used traditional warriors, machine guns and tanks etc. Etc. At the World War II, atomic bomb was used for the first time ... dangerous consequences of Atom bomb, many countries including Pakistan, India, started to fight for nuclear weapons. After the Second World War there was no nuclear attack after 1945, but thousands were made to bombard them. But now many countries have made hydrogen and nitrogen bombs, with the formation of an abomination bomb. Who is in destroying the half world breaking hydrogen and nuclear energy in the air ... many people with violence or organizations who are severely "awaiting" in the third world war, that the world I am going to fight the last battle, war II, not fighting with weapons but laptops or computers ...

Why like this

It is said that the computer was used for war purposes in the early 80's and you would be surprised to hear that when the US launched the first atom bomb in 1945, invented a computer. went. . And this target was also set by the computer. This means, at least 10 years ago at least 10 thousand kilometers of computer, at least, and surprisingly, Atom bomb was hit by the same building window, computer As much as today you have developed today's computer has become so modern than 1945? Today the hackers have come to the field so that the computer can be controlled. People who can use computers for their most important purposes.


Hearing the hacker's word shows the personality of a very capable computer programmer that breaks every restriction without any permission and enters its computer, not just computer data. Data can be stolen from other computers. But the fact is opposite. Hackers are good or boring because people are good or bad.

Types of hackers

You have heard that thief thieves want to think about catching the thieves so that the thief catchers are half thieves. But it is beneficial to be a thief. There are also some good hackers in hacking, but the number of bad hackers is more ... hackers are not afraid of the shadows and their revenge. There are no rules to fight such wars. Hackers are divided into different types of features or targets.

* ... black cap

* White Hat

* ... Gray Heat

In fact, the colorful hat in hacking came from Hollywood's light black and white films in which the heroes were usually wearing a white colored hat, where Walton wearing a black colored hat so that heroes and Wilson could see. Hackers are also called black or white, because of their concerns.

Black hat

These hackers really hate bad intentions. Black hat is called in the hacker computing language, which accesses a network connected to the network without permission and access. Blackhawk Hackers' action aims to prove their superiority with any system loss, steal data from their computer, credit card number or password, personal profits, or just others.

Differences in hacker and cracker

A few years back, Richard Stallman set a new fixture of a new cracker in the subject of hacking. The vocabulary word is mainly used for black hat hacker. Most people consider the hacker and the cracker. Hackers have black caps or white caps, while the cracker's term is used only by black hats.

There are two types in the black hat, hacking. Which is familiar with the use of advanced programming and social engineering. This kind of black necklace hackers make their software or hardware tools to enter their system. It should be said that this is a high-capacity computer programmer. While others have black necklace hackers who are unaware of programming and they use others' tools. Most of them are uncertain about how these programs work. Just run the towels, take a cup of tea and dry a system. The hacker word is considered bad for them, so they are called script hints.

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