If your computer has Internet Explorer, read this news, you can target hackers if you do not use it.

If your computer is an internet explorer, then understand that you are on the target of hackers, because security researchers found an error in Microsoft Internet Explorer that hackers can hack your computer. And you can steal your data. According to the Mail Online, this researcher named John Page "If you do not even use Internet Explorer, your computer may still be hacked."

John Page said, "If a user opens the 'HTML' file created specifically on the hackers computer, this error statement can access hackers to your computer. It is a target When you open this file, this file starts automatically. Your Internet Explorer. Last month, we notified Microsoft about this error. However, as long as this company has made this mistake Can not expire, such users do not open any HTH file on their computer, whose computer has a version of Internet Explorer.

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