Loss of blood loss in the body.

New York: The lack of blood is not just a heart but also the body of the body.

According to medical experts, lack of blood loss as a deficiency affects all human institutions. If you are cheaper at all times, your body might be due to lack of blood.

If there is no proper blood in the body, red blood particles in the body slowly gradually reach oxygen in the body body. In this case the heart is facing more stress. Consequently, heart failure is not common and can increase heart size.
Blood loss has an important effect on human health, every time affordable and carpentry, muscle, sleep loss, and the main cause of anger can lead to blood disease, such causes are also a permanent mental patient. Can make

Due to lack of blood particles in the blood, lungs do not properly get oxygen, and thus any physical exercise begins to lump and breathe.

Despite the use of doctors' proposal, if anemia is diagnosed, and use iron worth, foods make green leaves as necessary.

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