Software recognizes facial error, Apple claims $ 1 billion.

18-year-old young teenagers spend $ 1 billion on Apple Company.
According to the Newsletter website C Net, the young man claimed that the company's face-face software tells the thief in many stores of Apple.
According to a legal claim, Stores Nov 29 were arrested in the Apple Stores of Boston, New Jersey, Delaware and Manhattan in the New York Police Department store.
In the complaint, he said that the real robbery stolen from the Boston store in the month of May last stolen, stolen the $ 1200 dollar Apple Association (especially the Apple Pension).
According to him, alleged Thieves used to identify their names, addresses and other private information, but did not have the picture.
Osmen Baha pointed out that he was not present in the city on theft and went to Main City in Manah.
It is clear that Apple has installed the face facing system based on this store, which has been accused of stealing the real thief, Usmanya Baha.
However, the New York police researcher who has seen the footage of the Main Hutton store, said, "blamed" does not look like a fire. "
In a legal claim, users in Apple Store stores are worried about consumers because most users do not know their face is being secretly inspected. '
Apple's case has not been answered.

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