Tekno started his debut in his first three cameras and the dance dance phone "Cayman".

Lahore (promotional release) Tetotu added that the Cameron series is launching the Cameroon i4. This is the first type of phone, on which "more beauty" is occupied productive content. The 6.2-inch screen is emerging as the best phone of the Canon series, based on the concert's three-dimensional camera and the fast-moving emerging dot dance in the portfolio. $ 21,499 will be available throughout the country in Cayman.

The Cameroon i4 event was inaugurated in Royal Palm Golf and Country Club Lahore, which included large slabs, key technology technology, bloggers, media representatives and fashionable industries.

Sabil Chaudhry performed the red rugged hosts and put the party four moon in its charming manner. He made the party more fun with the talks with different slabs. Besides the country's well-known journalist Ahmed Ali Butt, besides the Sabha Chaudhary, the host ceremony was held.

Tiger, Global Voice Director of Mobile, Hiriger Zu inaugurated the event with inaugural speech, while Han Lu informed that the participants of Tattoo Mobile and successful travels were successful. He further said that mobile marketing strategy is the most innovative and successful strategy of the market. Team Mobile Director Sales, Adl Tahir, explained the broader features of this phone and technology.

Speaking in the opening speech, Haier Zo said that Tino is running a new company with a new company to set up a successful company. Our planted plants are now unconscious next and the small phase has been converted into a big milestone. It is possible for our customers' confidence, our work and breaks. Today, when we start launching Carmen IF, we emphasize that we will never agree to our quality and consumer confidence.

Ejaz Hassan, CEO of Distributor distributors, said that it is very important to find a new sector of sharing in the present era. According to him, the current partnership between unified mobile and technologies is very important because it is giving birth to new traditions in the market. Tolo Mobile, another fellow distributor of Yelloon, Fellow Fred Jan also addressed the function. Although although the technical partnership of Yello Stone is still new, the partnership has been able to provide the most encouraging results. After time, more ways to strengthen this partnership will be found.

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