The Facebook light button is ready to re-enable.

Whether you are familiar with Facebook or something, it is not possible to spend without loop buttons without it
The world's most popular social networking website has changed its lightweight button in 2015 and includes other emails with different top thumbs.
Facebook introduced instead instead of the response that changed the switch button.
But now it looks like Facebook is going to replace your loop button again or say that the reaction is going on.
Tweet with an unorganized picture about this new change in Facebook looks like future changes in various social media networks, including Facebook, software management engineer Jean Min Cheng Wang.
There are still 6 emotions in Facebook response that include Thumbnails, Hart, Haahaha, Wow, CD, and Angry.
Now it is not known whether the reaction names will be converted or increased or not, but these new responses are far more varied.
Earlier, the report showed that Facebook News Feeds and Stores are making a glimpse of hybrid.
If Facebook works on this change, users will be able to see the news feed content by clicking the right feed instead of the feed-down screen above the left or left.
This is a huge change in Facebook but is not surprising because Facebook is focusing on stores.
Similarly, the Messenger's option on Facebook from the mobile app is also being reinstated in the main app.
Facebook introduced Masters in 2011 as an autonomous app and in 2014 with the chat app in the Facebook app, Rasool Rassoul was made mandatory.
Now, 5 years later, Facebook Messenger, Integration and Watts app are working to collect, then Chat Character is also on the main app.

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