The missing girl, who was married to the ISI career, was sent to the jail.

A German girl escaped many years ago and arrived in Syria in Syria and married two extremists after the jihadist bride. When the extremist organization ended, he reached Germany again, and then lived as a Western lifestyle, and German officials did not even get news from mine. However, the girl caught her lost cell phone last days. According to the Mail Online, this 34-year-old girl lived in Syria for four years, Ammaida Abidi. She arrived there and married a scorpion and married another after her death and she also gave birth to three children.

German authorities were aware of their country's escape and then coming back. We lost a phone call last week, which had several pictures during its stay in Syria. In this, he is present with his intelligent husband. There are several pictures of her children playing with guns. Osama bin Laden's birthday is celebrated in a picture. On the birthday cake, with the picture of Osama bin Laden, 'Happy nine months' is written.

This situation was encountered in 2012 and then fled from Germany and went to Syria. He lived there in 2017 and then returned to Germany and started living in Hamburg in his city. The Emmama's lost phone was by the Arab journalist, who published her photos on a TV channel on Dubai, who discovered German authorities and learned about its origin. It is clear that the embedded phone has included 36 pocket data based on the same video and images.

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