The world's first 8 video recording first smartphone.

Yes, a nine red music bag, not only a copper cooling feature but also cool fan for copper heat pipe.
The company claims that this phone runs smoothly, but the speed of 14,000 runs is at 4 minutes' speed and can be used continuously for 30 thousand hours.
There is no Chinese company, which has been awarded sniper dragon processor 855 in this new phone while 64, 128 and 256 pocket storage options will be available with 6, 8 and 12GB rim.
This phone has a 6.65-inch FHD Plus display and is mainly a gaming phone with 5000 megabytes of battery, with 30 megawatts of fast charging support.
This phone has a camera backback equipped with a 48-megapixel sensor and is the first phone that can record 8 videos when the user uses the feature of super-motion mode in 1920 frames per second.
It has 16 megapixel cameras, while other key features such as dual front rate stereo speakers, DSS X and third day sound technology.
This phone will be presented on May 3 for the first time in China, which will be selling basic model (SIX GB RIM and 64 storage) $ 430.
On the contrary, 12 GB RMB and 256 GB storage version will be sold in $ 640.

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