Wand's App Android users will no longer be able to shoot.

What'sapp version is going to be a new change, after which Android phones will lose access to the screen shot.

The beta version of the famous social app will be introduced to new users through the Watson Duplex, whereby chat chat users will no longer be able to take screenshots.

This change is legal, the Voice app has said that Android users will receive screen shot blocks after fingerprint verification. The screen shot will not be blocked already, but the user will face the restriction of activating fingerprints in its Android mobile phone.

If a fingerprint lock is enabled on a user's mobile phone, it can not take the screen shot of the Watts app chat window, but on the other, which is being checked, if it does not have fingerprint lock work Then chat window can take a screenshot

In addition, the Wights app has also issued privacy settings for joining a group. Under the new invoice system, users will be able to determine which can be added to another group. To join a group, go to Android settings, go to privacy and then go to groups and select "Nine Body", "Nine Contacts" and "Avery Body". will have.

Nine body silk means that you will first be invited to join any group that may be inquiry or indexed.

In the case of only nine contacts, in the user's contact list, they can invite to join this group.

The election avery body means that the same user's number is safe, it can be added without any inquiry.

According to the administration, an individual will be sent to the user to join the group, which has 3 days to accept or reject, after which the message will end automatically.

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