Facebook's Launching Tool allows users to control the data sharing of apps and websites.

Facebook is now making it easier for users to control data sharing. Facebook is launching a tool that allows users to control the data they share with their apps and websites. This new tool is called Off-Facebook Activity. This new feature will gradually be rolled out to consumers in Ireland, Spain and South Korea. However, in the coming months, the Facebook activity feature will be available to users all over the world.

With the off-site Facebook feature, users will be able to see a summary of all the information that apps and websites send to Facebook through online business tools such as Facebook Pixel and Facebook Login. You will be able to delete all information if you wish. In addition, they will be able to disconnect their account's Facebook activity in the future.
Once you've cleared your Facebook activity, Facebook will delete your identity information from the data sent to apps and websites.

That is, Facebook may not know which website you have visited and what actions you have taken during your visit.
Facebook says it will not use the data to display ads after it has been disconnected. This will have a bad impact on Facebook's business, but Facebook believes consumers should be given more control over their data.

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