Google Duo will highlight the video background in Lite mode.

Google released Google Dow Update in May, allowing up to 8 people to video chat at once in this video calling application. Now in the new update, Google has introduced a feature that allows users to better visualize the background of video calls made in low light.
In this app, Google built Lowlight Mode with focus homes, where lighting services are not much better.
Google says that when electricity is expensive, people only install one bulb in their homes and power outages are common in those areas. This feature will be helpful to users residing in such areas.
Users can turn on low light mode. This mode will automatically detect low light and illuminate the background of clear video calls.

Google says the results for this feature may vary by environment and device, meaning that in some places the background will be clearer and in some places more clear.

This feature will be released this week for Android and iPhone users. There is also a Chrome browser version of this application, but Lowlight mode is only released for apps.
Google is focusing on improving image quality in low light. The Google Pixel Phone also has a lightweight mode with plenty of power.

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