Huawei is working on its mapping service.

Huawei has officially confirmed that it is working on a mapping service to reduce its reliance on Google services. Google Maps could not be used on phone.
Huawei mapping service is called MapKit. It is not intended for direct users, but is provided as an API for third-party developers, making it a developer's navigation software. Can do
(to be continued)
Although Huawei is new to the field of mapping, it is collecting information from 150 countries and regions around the world.
Richard Maw, CEO of Huawei Consumer Business Group, says the mapping kit will include many advanced features. These features include car lane changes, advanced reality direction and mapping. The mapping kit will be available in 40 languages, increasing its popularity already.
Investigators say Russian mapping and Internet service providers Yandex and US-based booking holdings will be the initial partners of Huawei's mapping service.

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