Photos of the Queen of Thailand flare up.

Recent media photos of the new Thai queen take to social media. In the past, the personal protector of the Thai king, who was married to the king a few months ago, has recently been seen in various activities with the king in military uniform.
According to arabia.com, photos were posted on the royal website of the young King of Thailand 'Maha Wagir Elonikarn' and his fourth wife 'Sotheida Fugiarlongkorn Naya Ayaya'. These images caused considerable traffic to the website, causing the website to remain idle for some time.

Both Thai king and queen can be seen in military uniform in these pictures.

These are rare photos of the 34-year-old Sotida Figuerlongkorn Nia Atiya that were posted to the public. The people have declared the queen a brave woman. A complete introduction from the Queen has also been posted on the royal website with photos. In one image the country can be seen sitting on a military plane while the other picture has a weapon in his hand.
Remember that the king of Thailand married a security guard a few months ago called 'Sothida Fagir Alongkorn Ni Aya'. He does not belong to the royal family. The new queen is 34 years old while the king is 66 years old.
In 2013, Softida was recruited into the King's Security Staff. She soon reached the head of the King's personal security unit. This position is equivalent to the rank of general in accordance with military protocol. He has also been given several royal medals so far.
In a footage from Thailand's state-owned TV channel, Sothea is shown in a military uniform in front of King Salamat. Elsewhere, they are dressed in traditional silk clothing.

It should be noted that on Saturday, the Thai king will also celebrate the three-day celebration of the crowning. It is not known, however, whether Queen Soothida will play a role in this.

The 66-year-old Thai king Wajiralongkorn spent most of his time in Germany and married three. She was first married to Princess Somaswali. The king has a daughter from Bogra.

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