Police say shooter killed, at least 21 injured after killing 5 people in West Texas.

A gunman in West Texas who killed five people while shooting from his car and then opened fire at a high-tech jackal truck was injured in a theater parking lot by police fire.

Odisha Police Chief Michael Girke said at least 21 people were injured in the exchange, some of which were also injured by the shooter. Garki said three law enforcement personnel were injured: one for the Public Safety Department, one for the Midland Police Department officer and the ot for the Odisha Police Department.
Several vehicles were damaged by the firing. Dennis Perez told CNN his boss, the truck driver with the Odisha Furniture Exchange, shot his truck while it was being delivered. "Well, they were taking the delivery truck when someone in the truck shot their truck and somebody else's car Perez.

Said. Greck said the shooter was identified as a white man in his 30s. His name and purpose were not given.
The incident began around 3pm, when a public safety officer tried to stop traffic on a gold Honda, Grek said. When the vehicle came to a stop, the driver shot the officer, he said.


The driver traveled west to Odisha and shot another person, then continued to the city where there were "numerous victims," ​​the driver said. The shooter got out of his car, stole a mail truck and shot more people, Grick said.

The shooter then went to the Synergy Movie Theater, where he and police officers exchanged gunfire in the parking lot and the man was killed, the chief said.
Alex Wood said he went to the theater complex and saw a large number of police vehicles.

"The next thing you know, I heard a pop, so I turned the camera on where the theaters are and I only see a bunch of bullets," he told CNN.

"I saw this officer approaching the mail van and putting his weapon in it, and I believe that was when the shooter was killed," he said.

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The condition of the injured was not immediately known. Fourteen are undergoing treatment at Medical Center Hospital in Vadacia, Texas, according to CEO Russell Tapine. Age and terms not provided. The hospital has an area of ​​family stages that can also provide support to bereavement counselors and social workers, Tepin said.

A law enforcement official told CNN that agents from the FBI's Midland office are responding to help with the incident. The Midland Office is a satellite office of the FBI's El Paso Division.

The US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives tweeted in Dallas that agents will respond to the shooting.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott issued a statement Saturday saying:

"Me and the women are the first to break this stupid and cowardly attack, and we offer our eighteen assistance to the victims, their families and all people in Midland and Odisha. The state Texas and the Department of Public Safety together Do the work. Resource the local law enforcement agencies as needed and justify this vicious attack. "

Serenity Entertainment Group, which operates five recreation centers in Texas and Oklahoma, said in a statement Saturday that it was "appreciative of the fast response from local officials and first responders to the Midland / Odisha community."

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