The image of Melania Trump and the Prime Minister of Canada went viral on social media.

The kissing picture shows the relationship between American woman and Justin Trudeau.

Although this is not something that is visible in the picture, social media is certainly a new topic for consumers. Donald Trump and his wife are looking for excuses to stay on social media. US President Donald Trump has always been in the media headlines worldwide because of his actions, tweets or strange claims, but his wife Melania is second to none in this regard.
In the past, various media reports have claimed that the relationship between Melania and Donald Trump is strained, but in an interview late last year, this American woman had previously said that she and her husband had a lot of chemistry. , And in relation to relationships. All the news is baseless.

However, during a G7 conference in France, a photo of him with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau went viral on the Internet and several conditions leaked online.

There were photos of world leaders and their partners during the conference, but the image of Canada's prime minister's reception by Melania Trump has attracted the attention of Internet users, although the photos of the US president are quite interesting. But many people commented because they believed American women were the first woman to support the Canadian Prime Minister while Melania Lou was trending on the Trump hashtag.
One user wrote 'Melania is ready to risk everything'. "It seems that Melania has begun planning an escape from Canada," said another. Interestingly, just two years ago in February 2017, pictures of President Trump's daughter Ivanka's visit to Justin Trudeau went viral, and in the meantime, people thought Ivanka was beginning to like Canada's prime minister. Wait, until he first kissed the French woman's cheek.

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