YouTube and the Angels will be offered free to users starting September 24th.

Earlier this year, YouTube promised real shows. These were made especially for premium users. Google has decided to release them to the general public with advertising support. Starting September 24, non-paying customers will be able to watch it.
However, premium users will still be able to see better solutions and with no ads.
Premium subscribers will be able to watch it with the arrival of any original show.
General users will have to wait for the show to advertise. Premium users will also be able to see director kits and bonus shots. To save $ 12 a month in general, this is not a bad thing for ordinary consumers.
YouTube has added new features for premium users. Now premium users will also be able to see recommended downloads in the Library tab of the app. In addition users will be able to switch between songs and videos with a button. In addition, Android users will be able to download 500 songs from a list of their favorite songs or from another playlist.

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