Trump announces a news.Attack on Afghan Taliban

Latest News About Us Army In Kabul Afghanistan.In the last 4 days, the enemy has been targeted with greater force and will not continue to talk about the use of nuclear weapons, but it will never happen to the enemy: the US president announced

Trump declared full attack on the Afghan Taliban with full force. The US president says he has targeted the enemy more force in the last 4 days and will continue, not talk about the use of nuclear weapons. However, this will happen to the enemy. Addressing a ceremony in the White House on the ninth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, US President Donald Trump has announced a major attack in Afghanistan.

US President Donald Trump has warned the Afghan Taliban not to talk about the use of nuclear weapons, but the same will happen to the enemy. Trump says he canceled the talks without knowing about the death of an American official in the Afghanistan invasion News.

They thought they would show their strength in the attack, but they showed their weakness News.
In the past 4 days, we have targeted the enemy in Afghanistan with greater force and this will continue news.It should be noted that US President Donald Trump has threatened to use atomic bombs in Afghanistan in the past news. The Afghan Taliban, on the other hand, warned the US that the talks were canceled, saying they would regret the cancellation of the talks because it made a mistake.

Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid told Al Jazeera, a foreign news agency, that he had no choice but to fight for peace and stability in Afghanistan. He reiterated his commitment to continue the jihad in Afghanistan and said that if the United States does not agree to the negotiations, news they will continue the armed war against foreign forces.

Taliban spokesman warned that Washington would regret canceling the talks. Whether it is negotiating or fighting, the purpose is to expel foreign forces from Afghanistan. America closed the dialogue path, now the war is over a news.Meanwhile, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has once again called for a ceasefire with the Taliban to protect the people from harm. While US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said thousands of Taliban fighters have been killed by US forces in the past ten days.

  1. Remember that US President Donald Trump has canceled the ongoing peace talks in Afghanistan. In a message posted on the microblogging website Twitter, the US president called the attacks in Kabul the reason for the cancellation of talks. US President Donald Trump made the announcement when the 9th talks between the Afghan Taliban and the United States in Doha would begin a few hours later. The prospects for peace in Afghanistan have been jeopardized following US President Donald Trump's decision, raising concerns.

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