Trump suspends talks with Taliban.

In the war on terror for nearly two decades, the United States has been lightened. It's part of history. The casualties of US troops in Afghanistan were so high that their relatives pressured them to end the so-called war on terror.
So Donald Trump, in his manifesto, promised to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan, so with Pakistan's help, Trump succeeded in negotiating with the Taliban and a deal was reached. Within a year and a half, his forces had to withdraw from Afghanistan for a year and a half, however, there were still some meetings in which Trump had already announced the suspension of talks.
However, last week, the Taliban carried out blasts in Kunduz and Kabul, causing significant casualties. That is why Trump suspended talks with the Taliban and the American delegation met with the Taliban today at David Camp. Cancel too. In an emergency meeting, Donald Trump said how the Taliban are killing people.
On the one hand, we are offering talks to bring them peace and on the other, they are bombing. This means that the Taliban do not want to negotiate. So we too will not compromise with the Taliban. Talks with the US Taliban change the situation in the region, but now after the talks have been suspended, a wave of concern has run out. Now, we see which sun rises or war more in Afghanistan? happens.

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