Fire Dragon In Hong Kong In The Pictures Celebrate The Dragon Fire.

As celebrated in the subcontinent, in the 19th century the people
 of Tai Hang village established the tradition of dragon dance to 
improve their destiny. Today, Hong Kong has swallowed up its village,
 but this centuries-old tradition still persists.

In the 19th century, in the present location of Hong Kong, Tai Hang used to be a village where people "obeyed" the Dragon Dance to make their fortune.Fire Dragon In Hong Kong

First a severe hurricane in their village marked brick by brick, then a dragon erased the village's cattle. Deadly Plague A deadly plague is accomplished.

The people of Tai Hang had just arrived. Then a local peer suggested that you can dance to your village's destiny by dancing three days and three nights at the annual festival in the area.

The villagers built a huge temple dragon. It was pulled from straw and grass, and burned with flames and flames of fire.Fire Dragon In Hong Kong
The villagers continued to dance with their 'fire dragon' for three days and three nights.

Eventually his destiny changed. The plague was also broken and the devastation caused by the storm was removed.Fire Dragon In Hong Kong
Maybe that's why people all over the world go to Hong Kong to watch the dragon dance.

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