Rocket attack on US embassy in Afghanistan's capital Kabul.

How Many People Died in 9/11, ?
The rocket crashed into the embassy complex, causing a powerful explosion. American media

The Afghan Taliban warned the US of the cancellation of the talks, saying the US would regret canceling the talks because it made a mistake. Media reports say the rocket attack on the US Embassy did not cause any casualties.

According to US media, the rocket crashed into the embassy complex, causing a powerful explosion. After the explosion, smoke spread all over. The rocket attack has also been confirmed.

It should be noted that the Taliban carried out blasts in Kunduz and Kabul last week, resulting in considerable casualties.
That is why Trump suspended talks with the Taliban, and the American delegation to David Camp canceled the meeting with the Taliban. Donald Trump said at an emergency meeting how the Taliban are public. On the one hand, we are offering talks to bring them peace and on the other, they are bombing.

This means that the Taliban do not want to negotiate. So we too will not compromise with the Taliban. Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid told Al Jazeera, a foreign news agency, that he had no choice but to fight for peace and stability in Afghanistan. He reiterated his commitment to continue the jihad in Afghanistan, saying that if the United States does not agree to the negotiations, it will continue the armed war against foreign forces. Whether it is negotiating or fighting, the purpose is to expel foreign forces from Afghanistan.

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