The war between China and the United States is on the rise.

The United States spies Huawei, while China's Huawei company accuses the US of cyber-attacks.

US officials believe the Chinese government is using the company for Javi, while the company has repeatedly denied it. "Everything from the US government," Huawei said in a statement released this week. Efforts are underway to influence the normal business of Houthi and its partners, including the use of illegal means, including judicial and administrative powers.
Similar charges have been brought to the company in the past, but this time there is more to say, as the United States is trying to hack the company's internal information system, and so on. Ho claimed that the law was enforced. Employers are harassing company employees and raiding their homes.


A Wall Street Journal report last week issued a statement that the US Department of Justice is investigating allegations of stealing a smartphone camera patent from a company. Refused. US President Donald Trump blacklisted Huawei in an executive order in May this year, and ordered American companies to cut business ties with Huawei.
However, after a full suspension of the ban, the Chinese company was issued a temporary license for 90 days, allowing Huawei to update its Android phones. The temporary license expires August 19. But Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Russia once again spoke to Fox Business and announced the issuance of a temporary license for 90 days, which will expire on November 19. Its access to the company, air and parts is limited.

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