The world's first space hotel for 400 people. Will spend.

The Gateway Foundation has released the design of the world's first commercial space hotel. The hotel will accommodate 400 people at a time. The hotel will also have a basketball court and a trampoline of low gravity.
br /> The author of the spacecraft orbiting the Van Braun was suspended for a long time, but his design has now been released.
Construction of this hotel will be completed in 2025 but it has now been declared the first space hotel in the world.

In an interview, the hotel designer, Tim Altor, claimed it would be more luxurious than any other ship. He said, "The cruise ship will feature a lot of things that you see. There will be restaurants, bars, musical concert movie screenings and educational seminars.
It will have all the amenities available on the ground. It will also have water and bathrooms for cooking and kitchen utensils.

Drinking water will run from the ground here while the water will be recycled for bathrooms and toilets.
The company plans to ship 100 people each week to its launch in 2025. By 2030, there will be two such stations in space. Where 500 people will stay and 200 tourists come in each week.
Its design shows how the hotel's bedrooms will be.
https://account.skrill.com/signup?rid=103813605 The bedrooms will open well and the view from the ground can be seen here. Not only will the rich go to the hotel, Tim said, but he intends to make it accessible to everyone.
Other space companies, such as SpaceX, are also working to take tourists into space. Earlier this year, SpaceX sent an empty passenger capsule into space. By 2020, the company will also send tourists into space.

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