US President Donald Trump called Christie Tegan, the anchor of a well-known American model and a program, "but bursting", but Christie's response has now gone viral on social media.
In his tweets, President Trump attacked American singers John Legend and Christie Teigen because they both did not appreciate reforming their criminal justice system.

Trump called John Legend a "boring singer" and said that I had never seen them both when they were trying to approve them.

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Christie's reaction to President Trump's tweets was in the form of an abuse that became a hashtag on Twitter and then went viral worldwide.

This is a new series of old battles between them. Christie Tegan was blocked on Twitter by President Trump in previous battles.
Donald Trump made this controversial comment on a talk show on MSNBC when the criminal justice system was talked about during the show and also featured Chris Legan's husband John Legend.

The president had said, "Musician John Legend and his smelly mouth are now saying how wonderful it is, but I never saw him when we needed his approval to approve it." Was. And Anchor Lester Holt never mentioned President Trump or the Republican Party in his programs. '
But when Christie Teagan's response (which has been deleted in an abuse written for President Trump) went viral, both Christie and John urged their own fans not to retweet the tweet.
Christie said in a tweet that it was a "fight" with her president.

What is the reality of reform in the criminal system?
In December 2018, President Trump signed a law called the "First Step Act," which states that criminals without violence can be punished with at least every prison term. Punishments will be made and efforts will be made to improve their role through education and vocational training.
President Trump claims that during the reform of the criminal justice system, 'Obama could not make such reforms in his efforts'.

But for both Obama and Trump, the criminal justice system has been a major project to end racial inequality.
In 2010, President Obama signed the Fair Crimes Act and made it a law, for the first time the crime sentence was lifted for five years.
While Trump's law, the "first step act" was actually based on Obama's law, and there was a breakthrough in that direction.
So they both changed the punishment system in the same direction.

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