Cricket Bet Gift To US PM

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Trump Gifts Cricket Bat To Pm Imran Khan
Donald Trump also gave Imran Khan a picture of former US President Eisenhower.

US President Donald Trump gifted Prime Minister Imran Khan a cricket bat, as well as a photo of coalition commander and former US president Eisenhower in World War II. , US President Eisenhower visited Pakistan in 1959 and watched the match between Pakistan and Australia at the National Cricket Stadium in Karachi.

Donald Trump and Imran Khan had a meeting in Washington yesterday, during which the US president offered mediation on the Kashmir issue. The US President said that he hoped for a better relationship 
between Pakistan and India. If Pakistan is invited to visit, I will surely go.

In his meeting with Prime Minister Imran Khan, Donald Trump praised Pakistan's role in Afghanistan and said that Pakistan has been very supportive of Afghanistan.

"The US does not want to be a police officer in the region, Pakistan is helping us get out of Afghanistan and Pakistan will be the cause of saving millions of lives in Afghanistan.
Trump Gifts Cricket Bat To Pm Imran Khan

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