Real Madrid's Champions League fate is in balance after being drawn with Club Brogue ..........

Shortly after the final whistle moved here, Club Brogue fans were still singing loudly in the North Stand, with their players returning to the pitch celebrating with them. It was a great opportunity and a great outcome for the Belgians and yet, when no signs of regret were visible, they knew it could be even bigger. Calling his coach, Philip Clement, "historic" for most of the night, he won two goals from Emanuel Bonaventure, but Sergio Ramos and Caserimo's header, which was in the 86th minute, ended it. Surface view.

The rest of the stadium was empty, with Madrid fans going home knowing it could be worse: For them, it was a 2-2 finish, where they came from.
What was expected of Madrid's usual victory became a rescue mission. For a long time, they were on their way to a second Champions League defeat that could be even worse: to begin with, it was stupid in the Santiago Bernabeu, and then it got worse. , The side of the house was not shooting itself in the foot as if to blow its entire leg. Then it came back, but it was only halfway through the victory despite the defeat. Madrid, who have never had to knock out in the group stage, have scored points after two games.

This should probably have been nothing else. Not only were they behind for a long time, they were caught near death, though Brog was ten years down at that time and without his captain.

Brogue was ahead of the ninth minute, though it took him three more minutes to figure it out. Percy Tao played on the left and Madrid opened wide, placing the ball in front of Bonaventure who was running in the middle. Everything that happened after that was clear, stupid. Just in front of the goal, through a six yard box, Bonaventure failed to control the ball properly, was stumbling and watching it bounce off one foot and then miss another opportunity. Is. Only, it wasn't: Ball was already on the floor near Thought Courthouse. So slowly, the Madrid keeper could even stand to prevent him from crossing the line over time.

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