The last time Liverpool played on Christmas day - with 2 games in 24 hours

Liverpool have played forty times on Christmas day in their history, the last of which was in 1957 - 24 hours after the team they face. Jeff Golding tells the story.

Today's football managers, in December, regularly complain about the football schedule and the crowd in fact. However, the English game has a long tradition of plowing in the winter months.

In the 1950s, going to a match on Christmas Day was not uncommon, and then on Boxing Day if you liked it. Liverpool played many games on Christmas day during this period, the last of which took place on December 25, 1957.

It will be the start of a meaningful 24-hour period in which the Reds will see Garmsby Town play twice in 24 hours. As we shall see, Lincolnshire's team will ruin the Christmas dinner, but there will be revenge on Boxing Day.

1957 was another important year in world history. Britain lost a Conservative prime minister, Anthony Eden, for not being able to maintain control over the canal in Egypt, and replaced it with another party that skeptically told the party and the public that Had "never been so good." The fire at the Winskell Nuclear Power Plant poses a fire hazard to the public.

In Liverpool, two boys named John and Paul met in a village in the suburbs of Walton. They formed a band with two other local boys, and they performed very well. Meanwhile, the City Council was planning a flood in the Welsh city of Cape Ceylon to build a reservoir. And at the Avery Rescue, located north of the city, Sterling Moss was winning the British Grand Prix.
In football, Manchester United were reigning champions (remember them?) And Aston Villa won the FA Cup.

The Liverpool Football Club is launching another decade of fall. Ten years ago, he won his first league title in 24 years, only to have his name known in 1954. Now he was traded to the second tier of English football.

Bill Shankley was managing Huddersfield Town and the directors at Anfield were still setting eyes on him. Eventually, Liverpool's faithful will also get help, as well-known former player Phil Taylor struggles to lift the Reds from post-war defects.

Liverpool's problem was his record of the season in the 1957/58 season. By Christmas day 1957, the Reds had played an incredible 12 games (a total of 18 runs by January). His domestic form had seen him climb to the top of the table, but he had already suffered five defeats in his journey, and he was about to taste his holiday. Due to their worries on their journey, they lose out on another season.
The press will attribute the domination of Liverpool's home to the support received by the crowd in the field. Seeing a 4-3 triumph over Bristol City on December 21, 1957, Syrian Express reporter Jack Rowe claimed that visiting teams in Anfield had suggested that "infield roar was a good start for Liverpool." , ".

Unfortunately, on Christmas day, as the Reds traveled to Grimsby Town on the eighth place of the first game of the two games against the Mariners in the 24 hours, very few Liverpudians accompanied them to Blendale Park for an 11pm kick-off. Will travel
The home team mobbed 17,000 in the cold to run out the 3-1 winner.

The Reds fought fiercely in the first half, beating Homsch's team 1-1, thanks to a goal from Welsh striker Tony Rowley. He played 69 games for Liverpool, scoring 39 times but left Liverpool in 1958.

Jeff White Foot and Jimmy Phil two goals in the second half will see the Reds win again on the road.

There is hardly time to lick his wounds, however, when on the trip to Liverpool, when the blood boils, the red men will be stopping their thoughts of revenge. His chance will arrive on Boxing Day 1957, just 24 hours later.

There can be no talk about squad rotation, nor youth sports. It was an era of substitution, so it wasn't even an opportunity to drag a tired player into the middle of the game. Liverpool just have to go again.

On the eve of Christmas Day, ten players are set to compete against Garmsby Town on Boxing Day. Bobby Murdoch replaced injured Jimmy Melia for the first time in the first change.

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