Chivas vs Dorados: LIVE Stream Online and Copa MX Updates (0-2)

Follow along for Chivas Guadalajara vs Dorados Sinaloa live stream online, TV channel, lineups preview and score updates of the 2020 Copa MX. Kick-off time: 10pm ET.

87 '
With Calderón trying out another target.
12:43 AMA minutes ago
83 '
Lopez controls a shot of Villapando.
12:39 AM5 minutes ago
82 '
Shivas is desperately struggling to pose a threat to Davos' goal.
12:39 AM6 minutes ago
79 '
Chavez was once again shot by Bryce Owen
12:36 AM8 minutes ago
76 '
Villapando tried a volley, but Chavez twisted it before the ball-keeper got in trouble.
12:33 AM12 minutes ago
73 '| Dorado alternative
Gonzales left for the place logo.
12:29 AM15 minutes ago
70 '
Shoots over the Vega Bar
12:26 AM19 minutes ago
68 '| Dorado alternative
Zunta comes in rather than contrasts.
12:25 AM19 minutes ago
67 '| Chivas alternative
Alexis Vega is replaced by Jesse Angulo.
12:24 AM20 minutes ago
64 '
Calderon tries to shoot after an interesting cross from Madivia, but Dorado's defense is doing well to clear all the balls.
12:24 AM21 minutes ago
60 '
Zyga shoots but Peña blocks his attempt.
12:16 AM29 minutes ago
In Corner Kick, Mongis heads the ball and drops the video without a chance!
12:14 AM30 minutes ago
55 '| Dorado alternative
Alejandro Molina replaces an injured Julio Nava.
12:13 AM32 minutes ago
54 '
Chivas took control in the second half of the match. Martinez is positioning himself as an offensive midfielder and is constantly looking for the ball with some space.
12:12 AM33 minutes ago
50 '
Calderón cuts inside and shoots at a nearby post. Well positioned to save Lopez.
12:07 AM37 minutes ago
45 '| Chivas alternatives
Peralta and Oertz are replaced by Villapando and Martinez.
12:03 AM41 minutes ago
45 '| The second half begins
We are running with another 45 minutes of this match.
12:02 AM 43 minutes ago
Escoto won 0-1 on Chivas!
11:59 PMan hours ago
Half time Shivas Guadalajara 0-1 Dorado D'Sinola
We have managed to win by far the longest team.
11:47 PMan hours ago
45 '
One minute of added minutes for the first half.
11:46 PMan hours ago
41 '
Bryce with the header above the bar!
11:44 PMan hours ago
Amory Escoto attacks Dorado with the power to keep him in front!
11:39 PMan hours ago
37 '| Punishment for Dorado!
Hit a one-shot post from Dorado! Zyga rebounded and Calderon took it down for a penalty.
11:38 PMan hours ago
36 '
Head directly to Chavez at the position of Godoy.
11:36 PMan hours ago
34 '
Ziga has a good chance of getting a shot after a quick break. He tries to shoot, but fails to touch the ball.
11 o'clock in the evening
30 '
Crossed for antenna macas The striker manages to send a shot, but there is defensive defense to stop it.
11:30 pm
26 '
Now it is the Doradoos that try to pose a threat, but their last attempts have been lost on the final passage.
11:27 PMan hours ago
22 '
Compete with the first important opportunity. He takes a free kick that hits the side net!
11 o'clock in the evening
17 '
Chivas was forwarded to the unit. The team still looks a bit flat so Mucas tries to leave his position for maximum contact with the ball.
Eleven o'clock
13 '
Ortiz faces a health problem outside the box. The ball is too wide.
11:15 pm 2 minutes ago
11 '
Anthony is looking for a goal, but his effort is wide of the target.
11 o'clock two minutes
6 '
Very challenging fighting game. Both teams lack clarity, though Chivas has more money and men in half.
11 o'clock two minutes
3 '
A first try from Dorado, but the shot is much wider than the target.
11:04 PM2 hours ago
0 '| Kick Off!
We're taking our match between Chivas and Dorado!
11am - 2 minutes ago
Everything is ready for kick-off! We're five minutes away from the start of our match!
10:55 PM2 hours ago
This will be the ninth time that Guadalajara and Dorado will meet face-to-face in the Koda MX. This will be the first time it is in the direct collapse phase.
10:53 pm2 hours ago

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